Becoming a member of Gilda’s Club New York City is a simple, three-step process that will acquaint you with our community and our program of support.
First, give us a call. You’ll speak to someone who knows our program well. He or she can answer questions about membership and help you schedule a New Member Meeting.
Next, attend a New Member Meeting. Here you will meet other people who have been affected by cancer. A volunteer facilitator will give you an overview of the program and a tour of the Clubhouse.
Finally, meet one-on-one with a licensed professional to create a Customized Membership Plan. You can discuss your emotional and social needs, and select the programs and activities that will best support you.
Once you have completed this membership process you can begin receiving support from people who understand the impact of cancer. You can participate as much or as little as you like, sharing your own experience with a community that cares.

Manhattan Clubhouse: (212) 647-9700



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