“When I was little, my Dad told me whenever I got scared at night to get under the covers and say the words, “Bunny Bunny” and it would protect me. Maybe it’s habit or superstition, but on the first day of every month the first words, I say are, “Bunny Bunny,” to keep me safe from anything bad that could happen.”

– Gilda Radner

In honor of Gilda Radner’s belief that saying Bunny Bunny on the first of every month would keep her safe and bring love, laughter and peace, we have created The Bunny Bunny Society to do the same for Gilda's Club New York City. This special monthly giving society is for people who are committed to Gilda's Club NYC’s mission of providing emotional and social support to anyone touched by cancer – FREE of charge.

This financial support provided by Bunny Bunny members on a regular basis will ensure that Gilda's Club NYC can continue to provide our unique program and a meeting place for men, women and children to keep loving, laughing, and supporting one another for many years to come.


Bunny Bunny membership is flexible and easy to set up. Bunny Bunny members make monthly donations of a pre-determined amount by credit card or check, and have the satisfaction of knowing that their gifts are making a difference.

We are grateful for whatever you can give each month, and if you would like more information please call Eileen Jackson, Associate Director of Special Events at 212-647-9700 or email ejackson@gildasclubnyc.org. Thank you!



In addition to the satisfaction of knowing you are helping Gilda’s Club NYC members, you will also receive:


Subscription to Gilda’s Club NYC Gildagram Newsletter


5% discount of Gilda’s Club NYC merchandise


$25 and above, all the benefits described above, plus:

Copy of Bunny Bunny Gilda Radner: A Sort of Love Story by Alan Zweibel (if you join by credit card – limited time only)

Invitations to special events

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